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Charles Rose Scholarship Fund (CRSF)
Scholarship Guidelines

Purpose: The CRSF was created so singers who are qualified to participate in the GLHB, but are constrained from participating for personal financial reasons, can secure financial support to make participation possible.

Method of requesting scholarships: Any participant for an upcoming GLHB weekend may request financial support through the CRSF (See the Application form link at bottom). First time attendees must have their sponsor complete the form and submit it to the Brigade President. In order to allow adequate time for the applicant to learn the music, we recommend that all requests for scholarships be submitted not later than December 1 of the year prior to the upcoming Brigade weekend.

Criteria for awarding scholarships: At a special Board meeting to take place between December 1 and December 10, the Board will consider all requests for scholarships that have been received. Based on needs as presented in the applications and available funds, the Board will award such scholarships as they deem appropriate and will advise both the applicant and the recommender in writing not later than December 15 so the applicant can process his registration for acceptance secure in the knowledge that he will have adequate funds to participate. All scholarship awards are made contingent on the recommendation being accepted, using the normal new-singer vetting process. Should the applicant NOT be accepted, the scholarship will be considered void. If the applicant IS accepted, any funds due from the applicant and NOT covered by the scholarship must be paid FIRST. The scholarship funds will always be the LAST funds applied to the applicant's payment of the full registration fee. (Important for applicants to have skin in the game and to make their "skin" the first money paid.)

Amount of scholarships: It is the GLHB policy to limit scholarships to not more than 50% of the registration.

Use of scholarship awards: In no case will any scholarships awarded under this policy be permitted to transfer to any other participant. All awards of scholarships under this program are specifically limited for the sole use of the applicant to which it was awarded. If the scholarship is not used in the year it was awarded it will be void. If an applicant requires scholarship funds in a future year he is required to have his recommender restart this process again in that future year.

Payment of Scholarship funds: Under no circumstances will awarded scholarships be actually "paid" to recipients; rather, their scholarship will be handled as a credit to their account, but, again, only AFTER they have paid the portion of the registration fee that is not covered by the scholarship.

Application Process: Brigade participants who have already been accepted for participation and who are aware of candidates who would make a good contribution to the brigade but may not be able to participate for financial reasons should fill out the scholarship application.

Application Form

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