Great Lakes Harmony Brigade
The Great Lakes Harmony Brigade

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These are the current members of the GLHB

They may sponsor new member applicants

** indicates they are a Charter Member

Ron Arnold
Jason AuBuchon
Dan Bezaire **
Dean Burrill **
Dorn Burrill **
Alan Coombs **
Bari Courts **
John Deacon **
Jerry Ditto **
Mike Dohogne **
Tom Ennis **
Jerry Frush
Ben Geesa **
Jim Geller
Tom Grimes **
Larry Grupp
Guru Gura **
Rob Halsey **
Duane Henry **
Garrett Hilsinger
Bob Johns **
Joel Klein **
Jim Leedom **
Mike Lewis
Roger Lewis **
John Loucks
Lou Maglione
Rick Mangas **
Mike Matson
Bill McAndrew **
Gerry Milkie **
Scott Monte
David Morris **
Mike Moyer **
Chuck Murray **
Mike O'Donnell **
Charlie Perry
John Peters **
Joel Prather **
Phil Randall
Robert Ryan **
David Short
Tom Smeltzer **
Zak Stratton
Raymond Sturdy **
William Stutts Jr.
Carey Treesh
Bill Van Emburg **
Steve Warnaar
Steve Whittaker
Iain Willox
Aaron Wilson **
Rick Wilson
Jim Windak **
David Woolf
Jon Woolf
Steve Zorn

(updated October 2017)

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