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Bob Clark Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Guidelines

Purpose: The Bob Clark Scholarship Fund (BCSF) was created so quartet men who are qualified to participate in the Indiana Harmony Brigade (IHB), but are constrained from participating for personal financial reasons, can secure financial support tomake participation possible.

Method of requesting scholarships: Anyone applying for an upcoming IHBweekend may request financial support through the BCSF. In order to allow adequate time for the applicant to learn the music, it is recommended that all requests for scholarshipsbe submitted not later than April 1 in the year of the upcoming Brigadeweekend.

Criteria for awarding scholarships: The Scholarship Committee will consider all requests based on needs as presented in the applications and available funds. The Scholarship Committee will award such scholarships as they deem appropriate andwill advise the applicant in writing not later than May 1 so that the applicant may be secure in the knowledge that he will have adequate funds to participate. All scholarshipawards are made contingent on the applicant being accepted. Should the applicant NOT be accepted, the scholarship will be considered void. If the applicant is accepted, anyfunds due from the applicant and not covered by the scholarship must be paid first. The scholarship funds will always be the last funds applied to the applicant’s payment of the full registration fee. (It is important for applicants to have “skin” in the game and tomake theirs the first money paid.) IHB scholarship recipients shall be limited to no more than two Brigade rallies in one year.

Amount of scholarships: It is the IHB policy to limit scholarships to not more than75% of the registration.

Use of scholarship awards: In no case will any scholarships awarded under thispolicy be permitted to transfer to any other participant. If an applicant requires scholarship funds in a future year he is required to restart the process again in that year.

Payment of Scholarship funds: Under no circumstances will awarded scholarshipsbe actually “paid” to recipients; rather, their scholarship will be handled as a credit to their account, but only AFTER they have paid the portion of the registration fee that is not covered by the scholarship.

Application Process: Submit the Scholarship Application as part of the Registration process for the Rally.

Donations to the Scholarship Fund can also be made by Online Donation via Paypal

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