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The Indiana Harmony Brigade is a unique male barbershop singing organization, one of eight in the United States and is subsidiary of the International Barbershop Harmony Society. It is a weekend invitational that will attract 100+ quartet men who can learn their music, hold their part in a quartet, and bring quartet experience to the rally. It is not a "Joe Barbershopper" event.

Here's how it works:
In June each participant receive music and a learning CD to 10 songs in their respective voice parts. The arrangements are by some of the best in the Barbershop Harmony Society.

Brigade begins on Friday as men start arriving around 3:00 p.m. Until everyone arrives, participants assemble in different pick-up quartets and enjoy singing the 10 Brigade songs as well as songs from previous years. Each singer has been randomly assigned to a quartet and that evening they will discover which other three singers will join them to form a quartet, drawing from "the hat" the song they'll sing in a competition. The finals for the "Top 10" take place Saturday evening for the eventual winner.

Saturday morning, after a brief business meeting, everyone attends a two hour chorus rehearsal that is made up of all the Brigade participants. This rehearsal is in preparation for the Saturday evening show held at a local auditorium that is open to the public. This show combines the 10 Brigade songs along with registered quartets. After the show it's back for the quartet finals and more quarteting into the wee hours.

Other than having a tremendous amount of fun quarteting, it's an opportunity for everyone to expand their repertoire with some great arrangements and meet other quartet men that they might otherwise never know. Participants will sing with more guys in various quartet combinations in a weekend than most men will in years. Quarteting just doesn't get much better than this. It's an incredible experience. It also provides a large quality chorus experience that many men don't have. As for the quality of the IHB singers, several District Champions as well as quartet representatives to International attend. Brigade members come from over 20 states and one province.

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