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An Article by Roger Lewis


Mark Ream of Huron Valley sang in the winning quartet, .Just Cause. at the recent Indiana Harmony Brigade weekend, topping a field of 27 quartets from Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan and elsewhere.

What is the Indiana Harmony Brigade?

The story began 13 years ago when Charlie Rose of North Carolina wanted to begin a "quartet only" weekend, So when Mark got an invitation to be a part of the Inaugural Indiana Harmony Brigade (For each of us,Louise (If I Love Again,Fly Me to the Moon (Slap that Bass (Not an easy song in the group. ( Saturday afternoon was spent in a chorus rehearsal. Imagine singing in an 85 man chorus where every guy knew his part well enough to sing it in a quartet!! We were directed by 4 top-rate directors . another great experience.

Saturday night was a show. There were 2-3 registered quartets in the chorus, and a few more invited, including a top Harmony, Inc., quartet .Hot Topics., and the Louisville Times chorus. The 500 seat auditorium at a nearby school was almost sold out . helping to defray the costs of the weekend. Another great emotional experience in the best and largest chorus most of us have ever sung in.

Then back to the hotel for the quartet finals. The order of appearance was drawn. As a quartet came on stage, they drew the name of one of the 8 songs from the hat, and had to sing that song for the judges. There were two conditions: they couldn.t sing the same song they sang the night before, and they could sing a different song if they felt the one they drew was too difficult . with an automatic disqualification.

The evening finished with pizza and beverages, still a part of the total $125 package each of us paid, which included our room, two dinners and one breakfast. (Duane Henry is one heck of a negotiator!)

Singing went on till 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, or so I.m told. Mark, Dave and I chatted all the way home about the weekend, and how we could bring this to Pioneer. Stay tuned for some future ideas.

Since 1995, when the Society Board voted to change the structure, been concerned about the lack of emphasis on quarteting in the Society. My main goal in going to IHB was to watch what was happening and try to find a way to expand such an event across the Society. On top of that, I got a wonderful bonus . it was a gr-r-r-r-r-r-r-reat weekend!

Roger Lewis
Society President
Lead, Harmony Hounds
Bari, Antiques Roadshow

Article from the January/February 2004 issue of the Pioneer District newsletter, the Pioneer Troubadour.

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