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A Testimonial by Charlie Rose

Duane and Terry: What a fantastic weekend!!!!!. Both of you are to be congratulated again for all your planning efforts and coordination of a very memorable quartet weekend. I know that 80+ guys all left having had the time of their lives and an experience that will make next years rally so much easier since everyone will know what to expect and what is expected of them.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to participate and also allowing other NCHB guys to share this first IHB experience. We will all be talking about this for years to come. I cannot tell you anything that would have made the weekend more perfect. Your music directors and administrative staff (Scott), judges and others who assisted you and Terry were all so cooperative and had everything under control the whole weekend.

The key to any successful quartet weekend is the commitment that all attendees place on just being invited. There is no pushing or prodding,weekend. I hope new friendships were formed,whenever opportunities exist.

Finally, I have met and sung with many, many new barbershop friends from Indiana and Kentucky and I am deeply appreciative of having had that opportunity. All these new friends were eagar to sing and share the weekend and I am pleased to call my second home "Indiana". Everybody present this past weekend were true ambassadors of barbershop harmony and fellowship and I am proud of all the many accomplishments.

The Society needs to identify more people like Duane Henry and Terry Silke that care deeply for quartet experiences and who are willing to make it happen. Thanks guys.

Charles (a big, big fan and supporter of the IHB)

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