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Brigader Emeritus

The purpose of Brigader Emeritus is to allow Indiana Harmony Brigade members a continual singing path in the Indiana Harmony Brigade should they develop difficulty with vocal quality, hearing loss, health or other issues that would otherwise prevent them from performing in the rally at the level expected by themselves and/or their peers.

A Brigader Emeritus may attend the Indiana Harmony Brigade rally and fully participate in all activities, except the quartet contest, as long as they are fully prepared on all of the current song selections. Failure to attend fully prepared may result in loss of membership and subsequent invitations to the Indiana Harmony Brigade Rallies.

To become a Brigader Emeritus a member must be 65 years of age and an active Indiana Harmony Brigade member for a minimum of two years. Brigader Emeritus is a voluntary election unless it is determined by the membership committee that the member is eligible, yet due to difficulty with vocal quality, hearing loss, health or other issues has failed to take advantage of the position. In that case the member may be promoted to Brigader Emeritus by the membership committee.

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